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How to Prepare for NEET Entrance Exam in One Year


How to Prepare for NEET Entrance Exam in One Year

Are you an aspiring student preparing for NEET 2020?

Or are you in your 11th class and already started preparing for NEET 2020?

More than 10 Lakh student appear for NEET exam every year, and only 1 Lakh get the seats to medical colleges. From this, you can assume the volume of competition.

Looking forward to the aspirants and final seats ratio, it’s pretty much clear that the NEET exam is not an easy task to do. You have to be very well prepared if you want to get admission in any of the top medical colleges in India.

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In case you have not grasped the basics taught in your 11th class, you have to be more cautious. NEET exam covers more than 15000 concepts you have to understand to crack the exam.

NEET entrance may seem complicated but not impossible to crack. With proper study plan and dedication, you can go through and pursue your dream to get admission in a medical college of your interest.

In this article, we are going to cover How to prepare for NEET entrance exam in one year. Make sure you stay tuned till end!

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How to prepare for NEET entrance exam in one year:

Set your goals:

As you are in your 12th, you have to appear for your board exams along with NEET preparation. Many students get distracted from preparation for NEET because of there upcoming board exam. So, it is necessary to set your goals and keep your target specified in preparation for the entrance exam.

Create a study plan to follow regularly:

You have to create a well-structured study plan where every part of the NEET entrance exam syllabus should be covered. Set a day to day study activity along with dedicated study hours required for NEET exam. It does not mean you have to study for the whole day. Don’t overpressure yourself. Schedule some regular timings for NEET exam preparationwith quality study while taking care of your brain and body. You can join NEET preparation coaching centre in Bhubaneswar to have a great study plan and support.

Know your syllabus:

When you have set your goals and created a study plan, the next step is to know your syllabus. The syllabus is the primary thing in preparing for any exam. You should be well aware of what are there in the curriculum to crack the final exam. It’s like knowing the road-map to reach your destination. In case you don’t know, the NEET exam covers the NCERT syllabus. Once you get to know the syllabus, it will be easy for you to understand the course of study and you can start preparing accordingly.

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When you are aware of the study material, you have to create a time table. Assign more time to difficult tasks than an easy one. Learn the important topics, grasp them and revision. Learn more about the questions that are important for the exam. Remember, you have to dedicate a pretty amount of time for your board exams also.

Understand the Concepts:

Concepts are the key to success in the exam. Learn the simple concept first before moving forward to the complex one. Most of the question that comes in the NEET exam are based on concepts. NCERT books are a great choice to understand the concepts. It will help you in both board and NEET exam.

Make Notes:

Everybody has their own study pattern. Some can memorise things quickly, whereas some need more time. When preparing for NEET exam, don’t forget to make notes of important points, things to remember. It will train your brain to grasp the knowledge and help you in last minute preparation.

Clear your doubts:

Easy to understand parts of the syllabus will stick to your mind with little effort. But, chapters that are difficult for you, and you have doubts are the essential part of your preparation. Always try to clear your doubts in real-time or as soon as possible. Pushing difficult topics for further study creates a gap in your understanding and harms your final exam result. So, always clear your doubts solved right away.

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Study and revise regularly:

You must be known to the famous line: slow, and steady wins the race. No idea whether the first part is proved or not, but the latter word is truth. Steady tries never fail.You have to regular in your studies and revising the course throughout the preparation year. As the human brain forgets things if not regularised, it is important to be regular in studies. By the time you complete the syllabus, the chances are high that you may forget the basics and learned concepts. Revision should be done on a regular basis to memorise the syllabus and chapters.

Give Mocks and analysis them:

Learning with analysing means nothing. The output will be zero. So, always give Mock tests regularly and analysis them carefully. Find where you lack and rework on the same.

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Take proper care of your health:

Health is wealth. If you are poor in health, then it may affect your further studies. You have to be strong enough, both physically and mentally. So, compromise with your health. Take breaks in between your study time. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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